Seeing isn’t necessarily recognizing, whether it be form, function, or a scene that evokes emotion. My role as a photographer is to not only recognize these attributes and situations but to chronicle them by using a camera to capture an image.

The image captured is a moment in time. Sometimes this moment lasts no more than a fraction of a second. Sometimes nothing in the scene has changed in years. However, rarely is the situation the same.

My work is an expedition, a treasure hunt, seeking to find that special moment. The challenges in finding the moment and the camera gear used become irrelevant once the image has been captured.

My curiosity coupled with my passion for finding these treasures drive me to overcome the myriad of challenges involved in the process. I return home with a catalog of images, memories too!

It humbles me and gives me great pleasure to share my work with you.

– Jeffrey Littell

© Greg Du Toit